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Jan. 13th, 2008

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

Tutorial #2

My second Tutorial.

How to go

From this -> to this

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insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

Battle Royale Avatars

Some Battle Royale Avatars I've made.

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insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

House Avatars

Some random House Avatars I've made :

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

South Park Avatars

A few South Park Avatars I have made throughout the weeks.

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insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

My first Tutorial

I was bored and just decided to make this for no real reason besides just filling up my LJ Page. XO

How to go.....
From this -> to this

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Oct. 27th, 2007

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

It figures, all the good ones are gay.

One of these days again. When I finally remembered I have a LJ account after watching so many Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series on LittleKuriboh's website :: http://yugiohtheabridgedseries.com :: and on Youtube. And staring in awe at many Bakura Fanvideos on Youtube and drooling over Very Feminine-Looking Anime Characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! ^_^ I've been going through alot of Mood Swings in the past week. Yesterday, for instance, I was hyper and happy happy HAPPY! And then, at the end of the day, I was as depressed as a Sucidal Emo standing on the railings of a balcony on the 9th Floor of a Hotel. I couldn't stop crying and was beyond upset. I even had my characters turn depressed in the end. Not even Bakura Fanvideos could make me smile. And then, when I wake up the next day (which is today), I was once again happy and hyper and in such a good mood that nothing seemed to be able to drag me down. I'm still in ushc a mood. But I'm worried that I'll turn back into my depressive state. And now I'm watching Avenue Q- The Musical. -rolleyes- Oh-well. -sings along-

Sep. 27th, 2007

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

Why Me?

 Why Me?

Whispered Words
In Curious Ears
Horrid Rumors
Shedded Tears
Days are ruined
Laughter lost
You did that thing
You knew that cost
Through the classes
Old and New
It seems you made
The school's daily news
You shrug it off
It doesn't bother you
At least, it doesn't
When you're in view
Before Hundreds of eyes
You crack a small smile
While your self-esteem
Is fading all the while
You walk through halls
Acting so shy
You want to laugh
But you don't know why
Maybe its the rumors
Maybe its the shame
Maybe it's the humor
Maybe its whos to blame
But once the words reach your ears
For the second
The third
The fourth time today
You know you wish to
Curl up and just
Hide away
You skip Religion
And mitch P.E
You can't face those
who hurt you're S.E
Sitting in a cubicle
A tissue in your hand
You pat your wet cheeks
You just can't understand
And the only thought
That crosses your mind
It would make you laugh
It would make you cry
Is the one question in life
Everyone must ask once
Or even ask yourself twice
Two mere words
That pass everyone's mind
So easily said
But the answer's hard to find

Why Me?

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

Me, Myself and I

 Me, Myself and I

Me, Myself and I.
The only people I can trust.
Who I can tell of all the joys and woes.
And those who shall always be called
Myself, I and Me.
And that friend I've always trusted in.
I spilt my secrets
And Told my dreams
If I be Jester or Queen
And how much I really feel
I told her everything in confidence
And then the next thing I know
Everyone was muttering
Talking about only I and she knew
And then it would come back to
I, Me and Myself.
And as I sit here
My fingers clicking away
My mind tries to figure out
Should I tell another out of trust
Or just leave my secrets
And Unheard
And leave all my woes to
Dear I, Myself and Me.

insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama



The girl called no one.
Who lives in the shadows.
Watching from the lonely corner of her bedroom
As the other children enjoy their time.
Her fingers slowly typing away at the keyboard
As she wished to be able to break down
And cry to the people who she called
"Her only friends."
insane, chiaki, eliza, kuriyama

The Blackbird Days

:: The Blackbird Days ::

The days pass me by
The hours barely bareable
The minutes ticking slowly
Upon the clock above the door

The teacher rambles on
About stuff we need to know
As my pen slowly traces
The figure 8 upon the page

A mind filled with nothing
A Blackboard filled with anything
A building filled with everything
A world where you need to know it all

A girl who wants so little
People who want so much
The things you can't give them
You want to give up

Give up on School.
Give up on Life.
Give up, Give up on Everything.

And school life seems to be
Nothing but a blur.

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